The story entitled: A Boy Called Slow in your anothology is a very interesting tale. Work with your partners to develop a summary of the story. Remember not to give the ending away! Your ending should be left as a "cliff hanger." Be sure to include simple and compound sentences. You may use any technology tools to develop your summary. You may use tools like:
  • audacity (you must have a script)
  • Microsoft Word
  • photostory
  • Inspiration
When you finish your summary, create an alternate ending to this story. Include this alternate ending with your summary post.
In 1831 a boy named Slow was born to the Sioux Tribe. Slow hates his name, so he has to prove himself a new one. Will he ever prove himself? How did Slow get his name? The only way to find out is this action packed, cliff hanging, and in this story of courage in the book called, A Boy Called Slow. Alternate ending: Slow's father dies and slow gets wounded and becomes the chief of the Sioux. In years to come, slow dies due to being mauled by the american cavalry.

­-Cal C., Alex R., Jaxon B., and J.P.

Post your work here. Be sure to put your first names with the work that you post

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A boy was born to a Lakota Sioux tribe. Hid dad called him Slow. Slow wanted to change his name, so he needed to do something to prove he should have another name. He went to battle and showed bravery, because of that the tribe agreed to give slow a new name. His new name was Tatan'ke Lyota'ke.
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