Patrick Henry

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Important Events and Ideas

  • In 1765, he was elected to the House of Burgesses and spoke out against the Stamp Act.
  • In 1775, he led militia agianst Lord Dunnmore in the Gunpowder Incident. He also said the famous words "Give me liberty or give me death!" the same year in a speech to the Virginia Convention.
  • He opposed the Constitution, fearing that it would lead to monarchy.

"Did you know..." Factoids

  • He was the governor of Virginia twice. (1776-1779) (1784-1786)
  • He was key in forcing the adoption of the Bill of Rights.
  • He was born may 26, 1736 and died June 6, 1799.

"I wonder...." Questions

  • I wonder why he thought that the Constitution would lead to monarchy.
  • I wonder why he hated the British King so much.
  • I wonder why he felt so strongly about liberty.

What I think about this person

  • I like him because he inspired so many people to become patriots.
  • I don't like him because he opposed the Constitution but I like that he did that because I think he had a reason to. It was also good because his oppisition helped lead to the adoption of the Bill of Rights.


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