Since we are so thank full for the money the BEF gave us, ($700.00!) our class was paired up into groups and we took
videos,still camera shots,a and even used a tape recorder of our trip to Cranbrook. We all made presentations useing !ngnite related things.
We used Photo story, Movie Maker, Glogster , and Adacity to make our projects come alive! These are gifts to the BEF (Beverly Education Fountaion)
because we are so thankful for the money. We are hoping that since we made our projects so the BEF can feel like they were there too, they will support us with money for the 5th graders next year also. Thanks again BEF for making our all day feild trip to Cranbrook possible!

Now you have a chance to see our
Cranbrook projects too ! The Beverly 5th grade
defently recommends going !