Hope's Book Report of the New Year
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Directions: Students will select a book to report on for the Wanicke Whine.
You may use the following web tools to complete your project:
  • flip cameras
  • digital cameras
  • photostory
  • audacity
Book Report Checklist:
  • I have completely read this book from cover to cover.
  • I have entered information about this book on the wiki book log.
  • I have taken an AR test if one is available.
EXTRA, EXTRA, Read all about it! Your report must include:
1. Book Title and Author
2. Main Characters (who are the protagonist and antagonist characters)
3. Use vivid verbs and adjectives to make your report come to life!
4. Plot
5. Setting of the story
6. Conclusion

‚Äč Students: Post your final project on a Student Page and then connect to your original page.