Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

Important Events and Ideas

  • He was a general during the American Civil War, and probably the most well-known Confederate commander.
  • Jackson was one of the most gifted tactical commanders in United States history.
  • He displayed weak and confused efforts during the Seven Days Battles around Richmond in 1862

"Did you know..." Factoids

  • Confederate pickets accidentally shot him at the Battle of Chancellorsville on May 2, 1863, which the general survived.
  • He died of complications of pneumonia
  • His death was a severe setback for the Confederacy.

"I wonder...." Questions

  • How did the Confederate pickets "accidentally" shoot him?
  • I wonder how he became a Confederate caommander?
  • I wonder how he got thew nickname "Stonewall"?

What I think about this person

  • Nowadays we would see him as a "bad-guy", but he was still fighting for his beliefs.
  • He was a "bad-guy" to us but to his people he was a hero.


  • An Orphan - his father and mother died.
  • Mary Anna Jackson - his wife.
  • A soldier - foght in the fought in the Civil War.
  • Disabilities - hearing loss in both of his ears.
  • King George the 3rd - was hated by others but the South looked up to him.