Cal's Turkey Journal

Cal's Turkey Journal

Turkey Stats

Birthplace: Amazom Rain Forest
Last Book Read:You and Being Dinner
Favorite Foods: Pinecones
Hobbie(s): Not being dinner
Name of the family that is going to eat you: No family is having this turkey for Thanks-

Introduce Yourself (As the turkey)

Hello, my name is Jeffy the Turkey. I was born on the day of Thanksgiving in 1999. I think thats means I am cursed, because I'm the one who is always getting chased around outside while my family is enjoying a nice cup of pinecone tea at home. I always escape the humans and their fancy toys, but every time I out on a secret pinecone collecting mission, they somehow find me! I don't really know why, I mean all I do when I'm out is sing my very loud and highly annoying songs. I don't think the humans like it because I'm always out at night and they are in their nests snoozing away. Maby I should stop going out at night, or maby better yet I should stop the singing!


The U.S. military is going to send in a chopper at O700 to retreive me from the butcher's house on a island in the north Atlantic. Once the chopper is in the air, I will jump out it and dive into the water and swim to an underwater base located on the bottom of the ocean. Hopefully I don't run into any sea critters that want to hurt me. And if I do, I have an electricity gernade up my sleeve. But I hope I don't do what I did last time, I was out for a week. One at the base I will go to my suiet and live the rest of my life underwater.


Cal's Turkey


My escape worked very well, and I'm living in my underwater house peacefuly. Thanksgiving is on top us, but I'm not worried, because I'm where the humans con't get me and make me into a nice Thanksgiving dinner. But wait! This place is run by humans, highly intelagent humans. I have to find a way of.... KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.... oh no, their here! got to get out, got to find some place to live where I'm not dinner. I know where to go, the sky! I'll rent a plane and live in the sky!

5 Months Later...

My second escape was a sucsess. Now I'm living in the ske with my plane the Sky Turkey and ther hasen't been a problem since. Hey, whats that thing in the sky over there? OH NO! Its a human plane!..... aw man, here we go again!

The world is full of turkeys!