John F. Bufordexternal image buford.jpg

Important Events and Ideas

  • In 1856 John F. Buford distinguished himself at the battle of Ash Hollow against the Sioux.
  • He was a solider in the Civil War.
  • He was a Calvary officer.

  • John F. Buford was born in Kentucky.
  • He came from a family of soilders.
  • He founght in many battles and he usually played a

"I wonder...." Questions

  • I wonder why he went into war....
  • I wonder what a Calvary officer is...
  • I wonder how he became a Calvary officer.

What I think about this person

  • I think John F. Buford was very deticated to what he did
and I would be very proud of him if I knew him.
  • I think he was very brave and he played
an important part in the History of war.


  • John F. Buford reminds me of Teddy Rosevelt because,
Teddy Rosevelt always rode his horse just like John F. Bufrod.
  • Reading about John F. Buford reminds me of a movie I saw about a
kid that was on the draft and he learned how to be a great soilder!
  • When I heard about John F. Buford it reminded me of my Great Great Grandpa because,
my Great Great Grandpa was a Calvary officer too.