When at Camp....

"I LOVED watching and playing charades!" - Mrs.Wanicke

"I LOVED Going to camp it was lot of funDSCF0131.jpg.""I loved camp!!!" - Zoe

"I LOVED making fires in the wildernes""I loved camp!!!!!!!!!!"- Cappy

''I LOVED the food and making fires!" -Noah

"I LOVED when the guy made cotton-candy. It was really yummy!!!" - Sydney B.

'I REALLY REALLY REALLY like the widerness survial, forest commmunity and the campfire.The campfire was fun because we sang lots of funnny songs."-Grace

"My FAVORITE part was mad science and hang-out with my friends!" - Camryn
Yummy!! I love eating strange gasses!

"I LOVED the free time and the food!!!!!!!!!!!"-Alex

Me, making pet tornadoes.

"My favorite part was when we ate SMORES!!!"-Clay W.

"I LOVED making fire from scrathch!' -JP

"I LOVED the food and at night we played Football and listened to the Tigers game. We had rec, fun classes and sang campfire songs while eating Smores.
We had sceince and ate cotton candy, learned about Dry ice, made Goo and Pet Tornadoes!" -Ryan Camp_Pictures_4_010.jpg

"My favorite part was the shelter making thing, geology, the food, freetime everything!"-Jaxon

"I LOVED the campfire"- Paige

"My favorite part was the hike!'Chloe

"I loved the hike it was fun, I think the food was good too,Camp is sweet." Sydney
Sydney b. and me made cats wiskers with string

"My favorite part was the food yummy"-Ellie C.DSCF0144.jpg

"I LOVED the food and the hike!" Charlotte B.
DSCF0145.jpg DSCF0185.jpg

"I liked the campfire and making smores!"

"I LOVED the food! It was really good!- Hope L.
Me, being table hopper.

" I loved the dorms! They were so cool!" - Cal Cerny

"I loved making fire."- Ryan Y

"I loved the smores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"- JPC

"I loved making fires and the food was good too!!!!!"- Logan

'I liked the classes" - Sarah P.