Important Events and Ideas

  • Traveled across america on the Lewis and Clark expedition!
  • Carried her babie on her back!
  • Saved Lewis and Clarks expedition countless times!

"Did you know..." Factoids

  • Did you know she was 16 when she started on her journey!
  • She died on december 20.
  • Her picture is printed on the dollar coin!

"I wonder...." Questions

  • "I wonder what it was like to journey across america"?
  • "I wonder if there were any times she felt like it was the end, as if theres was no hope left"?
  • "I wonder if she had fun on her expedition"?

What I think about this person

  • I think she was a brave and smart person!
  • I think she knew how to survive and used a lot of those skills


  • Lewis and Clark
  • Pomp ( her baby)
  • Explorers

Book For information was:

Who was Sacegewea?