Robert E. Lee

The Confederate General Robert E. Lee
The Confederate General Robert E. Lee

Important Events and Ideas

  • He was a Confederate General
  • He was in the Civil War
  • He graduated from West Point

"Did you know..." Factoids

His wife was Anne Hill Carter
He was also related to Meriwhether LEWIS. (Lewis and Clark)
  • He was the most highest ranked and an amazing general

"I wonder...." Questions

  • if he had children?
  • if he was put to death by a bullet or another weapon?
  • if he ever was injured in battle?

What I think about this person

  • I think him as a hero to his people and folowers.
  • I think he was a good person, but he was on the other side in the Civil War.


  • Hitler, because we hated him, but his people looked up to him.
  • King George, as he was hated but some but limited people looked up to him, probably only his servants and staff though.
  • I have just gotten schema of two presidents like McCain & Obama, two sides if people wanted him to be elected and some people who didn't vote. Like the townspeople in the war.
  • Etc.