Mary Tood Lincoln

Mary Todd Lincoln.jpg Important Events and Ideas

  • When she became the frist lady of the US.
  • When Ab was killed Mary was devastated.
  • Marys own son put her in insane aslyum (where they put crazy people).

"Did you know..." Factoids

  • Check this out Mary went down in history has a crazy old woman who was full of greif because her husband and sons all died.
  • Mary died in July 16 1882, she was 63 years of age.
  • Did you know Mary todd Lincole was presbyterain.

"I wonder...." Questions

  • I wonder...... how Mary todd met Abe Lincoln?
  • I wonder old Mary todd Lincoln was when she become the frist lady?
  • I wonder....... how many people are in Marys family?

What I think about this person

  • I think this person is very intelligent.
  • I think Mary was sad all the time she was alive.


  • One Connection I hade is me both have big familes
  • I do not have alot of connetions with Mary because she did some bad things in her life time.
  • But we all did a few bad things in are lfe right!
  • Ab Lincoln