Alex's Turkey Journal

Turkey Stats

Height:9 feet
Weight:9820 lbs
Last Book Read:How To Survive Thanksgiving
Favorite Foods: cow,pie
Hobbie(s):hurting humans
Name of the family that is going to eat you:Ross

Introduce Yourself (As the turkey)

"AAUUGG" I said. corn again. why can't they give us cow? or pie? anayway, i'm alex the turkey. they came and put me in a truck."NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I said.they took me to a house with a kitchen. ( I ate their steak as a puneshment.) I heard thir plans to eat me on thanksgiving!


When they were feathering me, I stood up and said"don't eat me . the human fainted . "come on" I said. "you seriously have never seen a turkey talk before? geez."I said. " anyway, I'm not fat . "I mean, I'm only 9820 pounds!" I said. "plus,I'm to young to die. I'm only 10!"I said. They stopped feathering me. Well,I will soon make my escape.


This is my plan: I will dress up as a rock star and rock out for 5 minutes. Then, I will do the Pete Townsen and smash them on the head with my guitar. I will use my football skills to tackle them. I will jump out the window and yell"EAT CHICKEN!!!!!!!"




My plan went very well. I was able to ecscape and survive. It was so fun, I did it again next year.